This is Who We Are...

Duck Down Waterfowl (DDW) is an all Louisiana waterfowl hunting DVD company that strives in bringing the best action and advice for waterfowl hunting to the viewer. 


       While hand-made duck call lanyards were the first items offered by Duck Down Waterfowl LLC, our main passion is our DVDs. When our owner Jude Barber first started hunting ducks in 2003, he looked everywhere for an "instructional type" dvd for waterfowl hunting that was filmed in Louisiana and based on the types of waterfowl and conditions he was used to hunting in Louisiana. The truth to the story is that no matter where you hunt ducks or geese, the techniques are  going to vary from how waterfowl are hunted in other parts of the state, let alone the country. After hunting under expert hunters for 3 years in Southwest Louisiana, Jude started to guide hunts for families and friends on various farms. His quest for knowledge and perfection has driven him to develop what he hopes will be the premier source for Louisiana waterfowl hunting. We have increased our staff to include a conglomerate of Louisiana waterfowl hunters whom have hunted in various locations all around Louisiana their whole life to give us the diversity that Jude requires from true experts on the different locations. While Jude is well versed at hunting birds in Southwest Louisiana, he is not ashamed to admit that he could not give the best advise on hunting Northeast Louisiana. That's where our Prostaff members come in. Here at Duck Down Waterfowl, our main goal is to deliver QUALITY information and great hunting footage to the everyday waterfowl hunter and put the spotlight back on Louisiana as an outstanding destination for waterfowl hunting. In 2010, Louisiana ranked number one in the country, doubling the number of birds killed by the second place holder (Arkansas). We feel that as proud waterfowl hunters of Louisiana, we are obligated to let the state and country know just how great our hunting is.

​       After looking for years for a DVD that didn't exist, Jude put out a questionnaire asking local hunters what they wanted in a waterfowl hunting DVD. They wanted it to be local to where they hunt (in Louisiana), they wanted calling tips, decoying tips, and recipes that are easy and appeal to our cajun culture. We listened and produced what we know is a great DVD not only for the Louisiana hunter, but for the waterfowl hunter in general.


       Besides our great DVDs, DDW offers hand-made duck call lanyards that can be either custom made or one of our stock items. The difference between ours and the other guys that make a paracord call lanyard is that under NORMAL wear, we warranty our lanyards for life. As long as you have one of our lanyards, we will warranty the drops and knots. How can we do this? Each lanyard is made by hand in house, not outsourced. Our first lanyard is still going strong after 10 years of use and doesn't look a day old. These lanyard designs are put through hell on our necks before releasing them to consumers. They are simple, functional, and depending on your style they are fashionable.