Since Duck Down Waterfowl started, we continue to be asked for our recommendation on our favorite guides that Louisiana has to offer. Given our history and experience, we have hunted with true professionals that have not only made a living and name for themselves, but have helped hundreds of individuals make memories that will last beyond a lifetime. The guides we stand behind are individuals and companies that we have had a history with that spands more than a year. We do not judge our guides based on whether or not we limited out with them (ducks are on their own schedule), we base our judgment on whether or not we would send our family members and friends to them...not to mention go back ourselves. 

       Based on the time of year and species of bird you are interested in will help you with your decision on the appropriate guide service. Every year the places change on where the birds are and where they go, but there are several places in Louisiana that continue to produce when others do not. Southwest Louisiana is one of the major waterfowl producers in the country, especially with Specklebelly and Snow geese, Central Louisiana and Northeast Louisiana kill their share of geese as well big fat mallards. To find out more information, contact the guide you like in the region you wish to hunt. 

Southwest Louisiana

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Central/Northwest Louisiana

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