Our Team...

       Our goal is to be able to provide great footage with the advice on hunting only a local could give. Thats why instead of one-sided information from one source on how to hunt an entire state, we brought on several Prostaff members and a handfull of other hunters as Team members from around the state.

Prostaff Members

Jude Barber

     A college graduate from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he is the owner and founder of Duck Down Waterfowl (DDW). Growing up in St. Francisville, LA where deer hunting reigns king, he has put in a lot of years hunting with seasoned duck hunters on various farms to gain the knowledge he has now. After searching for years for a DVD that would best help him as a Louisiana waterfowl hunter and coming up empty, he decided to make his own. That is where DDW came to life. Most of the videos on the market are from Arkansas or other mid-west states. It is hard to mimic those videos and be successful here in the "Boot State." It is his vision to have Louisiana jump back to number one on the map for the ultimate waterfowl hunting destination and show the local hunters just how good our back-yard hunting can be. He is the executive producer and editor of the show and is also responsible for making DDW's line of duck call lanyards.

Jada Adams

       A graduate from Louisiana State University's Dental Hygiene program, she is the main camera operator for DDW. She has grown up taking pictures and filming from an early age and found her spot in the duck blind when she decided to pass on shooting a gun and shoot film instead. She is an expert on getting the candid shots (which most of the time are the hardest and best ones to get). She is the only female member of DDW as of now making her a tough girl to put up with all those nasty boys. 

Chad Barber

     A younger brother of Jude's, Chad is the least experienced member of DDW, but just as high strung and diehard as the rest of us. He asks the questions that would not have been thought of by the other members due to their years in the field. Chad helps us make sure we stick to our roots and not stray too far from the main point of our DVDs, educating and entertaining our audience. He is a veteran of the United States Army where he proudly served our country in Afghanistan as a Combat Engineer and looks forward to going back in the near furture.

Blake "Boscoyo" Robinson

     As the newest member of DDW, Blake shares with us the experience of hunting his whole life in Southeast Louisiana in the tidal marshes and swamps. He has an extensive background in hunting public lands from his small kayak-like boat. Born and raised on the bayous of Chackbay- Thibodaux, Louisiana, Blake enjoys hunting in different places around the state to see how it compares to how he hunts back home. He also brings to us his ways of preparing waterfowl with that cajun flare that we as Louisianians are so well known for. Its hard not to laugh when Blake is around with the crew and cutting up.

Gabe Roberts

     Gabe has been around waterfowl hunting since the day he could first hold a gun. Growing up in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area in Southwest Louisiana put Gabe's backyard smack dab in the middle of some of the best waterfowl hunting in the country. It was Gabe's grandfather Billy Corbello who was responsible for giving Jude Barber his first real place to hunt ducks and is one of the sole reasons that DDW was able to come about. Gabe has been with DDW before we were even a company. He and Jude have be hunting together since 2005 and have become as close as brothers from that. Gabe is currently enjoying himself as a student at Louisiana State Univeristy-Eunice on a baseball scholarship.